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Things got heated on Hot 97 last night after R. Kelly, who’s currently promoting his Black Panties album, cancelled on the radio station last minute. Programming Director Ebro Darden, host Angie Martinez, and others tried to amend the situation, but the one and only Funkmaster Flex wasn’t for playing the friendly game.

Listeners were amped and ready to hear the renowned DJ go on one of his infamous rants after he tweeted, “I got choice words for R.Kelly tonight at 7pm!!!!!” However, Darden attempted to calm his cohort during The Angie Martinez Show. That clearly didn’t work, though.

“Not that we care. Not that it’s needed. That’s what he needs. We don’t care,” said Flex before his coworkers put a proverbial muzzle on him. But minutes later, he went on an uncontrollable tangent.

“Listen man, it wasn’t just him [R. Kelly] making this up. This energy existed. It got funneled through. I heard about it — everyone heard about it — and what our issue is New York City, we don’t care if R. Kelly…,” Flex ranted before he was cut off again.

Following, Funk Flex absolutely blacked out and it became clear that he and R. Kelly had a longstanding issue. Hear what the DJ had to say below.

Photo: Hot 97