The color blindness over in Saturday Night Live’s dressing room has finally been met with a solution.

It was announced yesterday, January 6 that Sasheer Zamata will be a new permanent cast member for the longtime running sketch comedy show. It’s hard to believe that since Maya Rudolph left the show in November of 2007, the crew didn’t replace her with another woman of color to hold down various impersonations.

This, of course has opened them up to continuous criticism and left Keenan Thompson to pick up a lot of the slack (and a wig in the process).

The show even poked fun of its oversight last November when Kerry Washington hosted the show and ran a skit where her and the fourth wall collided as she kept having to switch African-American characters midway.

TMZ reports that Zamata has been on her grizzly bear grind in NYC for years and has been in talks with NBC for a permanent spot so possibly March of 2013.

As you in every fairy tale ending, hard work pays off in full. Venture over to her official website where you can get an up-to-date dose of her funny and hit the gallery for some sexy shots of the comedienne as well.

Photo: Robyn Von Swank, Ari Scott, Cate Hellman, Tumblr

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