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You don’t have to be a Caucasian persuasion to see that this week was a crazy week of videos at the H-H Dub. If you’ve been on the out and about, let The Wrap Up: Hip-Hop Wired’s Top 10 Videos Of The Week be your tourist guide for the viral insanity.

The year is 2014 but a recently released from a critically acclaimed 2012 album managed to pray its way onto the countdown. Now that’s crazy. On director caught extraneous drug use on camera that seemed so real, it will make your nose bleed. Even crazier. Two videos that were released today, January 17 and knocked a couple of worth challengers out the box? Stupid crazy. How about two dope videos that pretty much look exactly alike? Cra…don’t even have to say it.

Visually speaking there’s a wide array of entertainment to beheld and while the year is still very early, this will likely go down as one of the best weeks of the first quarter of the year. That being said, you’ll be crazy not to give these clips the time of day.

Have a safe yet crazy weekend.

Photo: YouTube

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