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In the ending credits of Boyz n the Hood, it was revealed that Ice Cube’s character was murdered two weeks after his brother met the same fate.

For Dinyal New, a Oakland mother of two, her nightmare is no movie. It’s her reality.

Her youngest son, Lee Weathersby was shot and killed on New Year’s Eve. He was only 13-years-old.

Now it is being reported that her 19-year-old son Lamar Broussard was gunned down this past Sunday, January 19.

Via NBC:

Broussard was ambushed near the intersection of 100th Avenue and Longfellow. Both Broussard and his best friend Derrick Harris were shot and killed.

“Somebody’s failing these kids,” Dinyal New said. “They feel like it’s OK to murder these kids. They have no remorse or understanding afterwards.”

New said no words can describe her grief. “Hopefully the community people will come forward,” she said, “because how can a mother experience two losses within 19 days? Both her kids. It’s horrible.”

New said she is begging for someone to come forward with information about the killings.

It’s only natural for victims of these tragedies to succumb to emotions of anger and revenge but Ms. New is letting her faith dominate her spirit as she has one sole request.

“What I do ask is for no retaliation at all. I want to see this in the court system so please, no retaliation,” she pleaded while holding back her tears. Derrick Harris’s mother Tameka Rothchild expressed to reporters how kids these days have no regard for him life.

View the gallery for pictures of the murdered children. Peace is the name of the game, Oakland. Stay classy.

Photo: NBC Bay Area

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