Lil Kim’s blatant defiance over a copyright issue may be costing her a boatload of pretty pennies.

After being threatened with a lawsuit stemming from her “Dead Girl Walking” artwork back at the beginning of the month, Samantha Ravndahl, the alleged victim of Kim’s thievery is now looking to be paid in full.

To the sum of $150K. That’s a lot of makeup money.

Reports TMZ:

Lil Kim is on the brink of a zombie apocalypse … the makeup artist who accused the rapper of stealing her undead face has now filed a lawsuit … demanding $150K minimum.

Canadian artist Samantha Ravndahl vowed to sue Lil Kim after the rapper allegedly lifted her zombie image off Reddit and used it to hawk her new album. Samantha demanded a full take down from Kim’s social media platforms … but seems Kim blew her off.

Samantha has followed through on her promise, suing the rapper as well as the photo-sharing website WhoSay.

The hardheaded never learn.

And speaking of hard, the Queen Bee’s long-awaited comeback Hardcore 2K13 2K14 still has no release date in sight. Press through the gallery to see the offending artwork.

Photo: Instagram, WhoSay

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