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A simple stop-and-frisk on a Philly teen has resulted in the possibility of the young man never having the ability to father children.

16-year-old Darrin Manning, a straight-A student/athlete at Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School was riding the subway with his friends on January 7, as they set off to play in a basketball game when their clothing attracted a nearby police officer.

All the boys in the group scattered leaving Manning behind at the mercy of the cops. What should have been a simple pat-down turned out to be anything but “gentle.”


Since the surveillance footage was taken from a street camera that switches angles every 10 seconds, it is difficult to tell exactly what happened during Manning’s arrest.

But one segment of the video shows Manning walking around the side of the wagon, where an officer appears to push him up against the vehicle.

Lewis Small, Manning’s attorney, said that after his client’s arrest, a female officer grabbed the teen’s genitals during a pat-down search and pulled, causing a testicle to rupture. Joyner said Manning underwent emergency surgery the next day and may have been rendered sterile.

“She patted me down again and then I felt her reach and grab my butt. Then [she] reached down and squeezed again and that’s when I heard something pop,” Manning recalled.

In spite his documented injuries and trauma, Manning has been charged with three misdemeanors, reckless endangerment of another person, simple assault, and resisting arrest. He calls it sexual assault and he still needs to the assistance of a wheelchair to get around.

View the gallery to see the proof in the teen’s statements.

Photo: Alejandro A. Alvareza/Philadelphia Daily News, MyFoxPhilly

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