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There may be no episode of MTV Cribs as famed, or infamous, as Redman’s. Featuring a buzzer that didn’t work and cousin sleeping in the basement, the New Jersey rapper recently let the network see what’s good with his house since the 2001 episode aired. 

Says MTV News:

Who could forget Redman’s classic 2001 episode of “MTV Cribs,” when Funk Doctor Spock invited us into his De La Casa? Well, the ferocious lyricist invited MTV’s “Retromania: Hip Hop” to revisit his Staten Island, New York, residence … now that he’s made some home improvements.

Typically, “MTV Cribs” would showcase only the most lavish celebrity abodes, but Red’s home was anything but. To ring the doorbell, visitors had to rub two wires together and step over his cousin, who was sleeping on the floor. But more than a decade later, Reggie has turned his De La Casa into what he calls his “De La Castle.”

Actually, it’s Funk Doctor Spot.

The return is part of MTV’s hour-long “Retromania” special that pays homage to the 1990s and 2000s. See the fate of Redman’s shoe box full of money in the video below.

Photo: YouTube