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Now that the original Junior’s in Brooklyn is moving, where is Diddy going to make one of his minions walk to now for a slice of its legendary cheesecake? The iconic eatery, which has existed at its location since 1950, is being sold to make way for a condo project but the owners promise to return.

The New York Daily News reported on the sale of Junior’s, an institution in the city that has attracted celebrities and curious diners lured by its charms alike. Last year, President Barack Obama joined with current New York mayor Bill de Blasio, visiting Junior’s last October. The Daily News has more on the sale.

From the Daily News:

Junior’s plans to sell its downtown home, clearing the way for a new condo building with a really sweet perk — easy access to top-flight desserts.

The iconic eatery is expected to move out of its 17,000-square-foot flagship following the sale, but believes it can negotiate a deal to return as a tenant and open a new restaurant on the ground floor.

The Rosen family, owner of the 64-year-old business, fended off suitors for the two-story building for years before finally capitulating to the sweet temptations of Brooklyn’s whipped-up real estate market.

Although Junior’s has expanded with with two locations in Manhattan and another in Connecticut, the original location held a nostalgic charm that can’t be easily replaced. However, the real estate market in Brooklyn is reaching record heights and the Rosen family cashed out at the right time.

Naturally, the family isn’t disclosing what they’ll be paid and there isn’t a definite answer from the property owner if Junior’s would return. For now, pour out a little cheesecake on the corner for the homie Junior’s. You’ll be missed.

Photo: Sunshine Steven/New York Daily News