Although Black History Month comes to a close as of this Friday, a five-year-old rapper out of East St. Louis, Ill. is keeping the torch lit with his debut video. Heir Jordin, a pint-sized rapper with a big message, comes forth with his new track “Proud History” and might make a few of you proud out there with his earnest effort.

Heir Jordin, born Jordin Jackson-Prince, is the son of rapper Ramel “RT-Faq” Prince of the group Doorway, also out of East St. Louis. Heir Jordin’s focus on “Proud History” is built around the young MC rapping about iconic figures from the annals of Black History such as President Barack Obama, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. among others. The video, which premiered on Doorway’s homepage and YouTube channel, gets a brief explanation.

From Doorway:

Heir Jordin (Jordin Jackson-Prince) of East Saint Louis, Illinois, son of proud father and rapper Ramel “RT-FaQ” Prince of the group Doorway, is releasing his debut song and video “Proud History” dedicated to showing pride for his African American culture and heritage. The five year old rapping phenom raps “I’m proud, I’m proud of my Black History, it’s history, and I’m proud” on the chorus for this anthem which amplifies and sums up the overall theme of the release.

Joining Heir Jordin in the video is his brother Royale Prince (Teddy P) and other children from their town. The video captures images of the historic St. Louis landmarks such as the Jackie Joyner Kersey Center and the Chuck Berry statue.

If nothing else, it’s refreshing to see a young child spit verses about heroes that a great number of his popular older counterparts have largely ignored.

Check out Heir Jordin’s “Proud History” in below. Let us know what you thought in the comments.

Photo: YouTube

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