Atlanta Police are on the lookout for three suspects who robbed a teenager by gunpoint after following him leaving a MARTA bus. The transit authority released video of the robbing trio to police, and the boy explained to a local news reporter that the experience frightened him.

Anterrious Hill, sat with NBC affiliate 11 Alive to retell the story of how the three young men surrounded him on the bus before the robbery. Hill began to suspect the group was up to no good after they began to crowd him, and they later followed him on foot as he exited the bus.

11 Alive has more:

Hill said he was returning home after visiting his brother in the West End. He took a train from West End to the East Point station and then boarded the bus to his home in Southeast Atlanta.

Hill said he got off the bus at Browns Mill Road and Bromack Road and the three suspects immediately got off the bus behind him. He said he heard them talking, and then they were quiet, and then one of them grabbed him from behind.

“He just went behind me and put me in a head lock and he threw me to the ground saying ‘don’t move, don’t move,'” Hill said. “Then the second boy came and put the gun to my face.”

Hill was robbed of his iPhone,a charger and Beats headphones. Hill called the entire ordeal “terrifying” and hops that Atlanta Police will get these armed and dangerous men off the street.

Atlanta Police have requested that citizens who recognize the men from the surveillance video to call Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-TIPS (8477).


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