A missing 11-Year-Old boy from Brooklyn was found safe on Monday (March 10) by a subway passenger after the launch of a massive search effort. The boy, Kareem Granton, rode the trains for the five days he went missing which was sparked by him running away from home because of a chore he didn’t want to do.

Granton, who reportedly has a history of these kinds of runaway antics, pulled this latest stunt because he didn’t want to clean up the poop of his dog, Queenie according to a report from the New York Daily News. Upset over having to clean up after his pet, Granton and another friend went to a local Chuck E. Cheese to eat last Wednesday and Granton never made it back home.

Granton’s mother, Precious Granton, launched a community-wide search that attracted the attention of local media outlets as well. With the help of a community activist, Ms. Granton cast a wide net by placing photos of her boy all over their neighborhood.

Her efforts came with good results, as an unknown subway rider found Granton at the Union Square train station in Manhattan. The woman, recognizing Granton’s photo, alerted a K-9 officer at the station who then intervened and took the boy to get some food. The officer said that Granton seemed nervous and hungry, but got better after he ate and played with the dog.

At a press conference, Granton addressed the issue head on with his mother and activist Tony Herbert flanking him. In a cheerful reunion and a matter-of-fact tone, Granton spoke about his ordeal.

It was a very big world,” Granton told reporters outside the ACS office in Brooklyn. “I didn’t think I would probably make it.”

Granton added, “It was kind of hard getting through, so I’m happy I’m back with my family.”

Granton seemed to be aware that his mother was looking for him and survived on just ten bucks given to him by his stepfather.

“I knew my mom was looking for me. “I’m all right. I just had a little tour out in the world,” he said.

Photo: NBC 4 New York

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