If 27-year-old Phillip Young was aiming to be a big hit at his child’s next PTA meeting, he should have thought twice before he used his son’s jacket as his personal drug stash spot.

The New Jersey man charged with endangering the welfare of a child after teachers at his two-year-old’s day care center discovered 48 envelopes of heroin hidden within his jacket.

Which is definitely the wrong way to give a preschooler the jump on their multiplication skills.


An employee at the center, Michael’s Energy Factory, found the drugs in the child’s jacket, police said. There’s no indication that the child knew the drugs were in the jacket, nor any sign that other children at the center were exposed to the heroin, police said.

Officials at the center called the police when they found the heroin, police said.

Lt. Bert Ribeiro said police determined that the child had been accompanied to the day care that morning by its father. City police have charged the father, Phillips Young, 27, of East 30th Street, with endangering the welfare of a child, Ribeiro said.

Let us all be thankful the children didn’t think they hit a sweet lick on some Pixy Stix.

H/T: Gothamist

Photo: Paterson Police Department

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