Basketball skills and celebrities often mix like oil and water if the NBA isn’t their employer, but a video TMZ leaked infers that isn’t the case for actor Michael B. Jordan. The good folks at The Grio reached out to the Fruitvale Station star to discuss his dealings on the parque, or more particularly, how his potent crossover sent a defender to the floor.

Let’s paint this picture. Understand that Jordan was playing in a celebrity basketball league, which is always ground for an unbalanced pool of talent. Needless to say that some fellow found out the hard way.

“I’mma leave him nameless man. I won’t put him on blast,” said Jordan when asked who his victim was. However, he was quick to say that he plays ball, for real, and that his government name is more than a mere coincidence. But that didn’t come without a bit of trash talk, as he recalled a conversation with a friend who texted him after seeing the clip.

“I was like, ‘Look, he got caught slipping.’,” Jordan explained. Welp, it’s like that sometime. Pick yourself up and try again, sir

See the full story and the visual at The Grio.

Photo: TMZ

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