For anyone who has ever watched Jeopardy and experienced the shell shock PTSD of 10th grade history class, SNL has created a skit just for you.

Last night’s episode featured host Louis C.K. acting as a college professor of African-American studies on a game show skit titled “Black Jeopardy.” SNL has boosted up their Black roster considerably with the addition of Sasheer Zamata at the top of the year so they have more flexibility with their sketches.

Via Huffington Post:

“Black Jeopardy!” is hosted by Darnell Hayes or “Alex Treblack” (Kenan Thompson) and features categories such as “It’s Been A Minute,” “White People,” and “Psssh.” Let’s just say it’s not exactly what African Studies professor Mark (Louis C.K.) had in mind when he signed up.

Watch the sketch above to see how C.K.’s character reacts to the final “Jeopardy!” category (“Rap Songs That Begin With The Letter ‘N'”) as well as some hilarious responses from his fellow contestants played by Jay Pharoah and Sasheer Zamata.

Check out the hilarious (and stereotypical for the easily offended) skit in the video below.

Photo: NBC

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