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The tricky part about buying marijuana these days on the street is you never know what you’re going to get for your money. We’re pretty sure that if your weed isn’t good, calling the cops about it is a bad choice which is what a woman in Texas did last week.

In the small town Lufkin located in the eastern part of the state, Evelyn Louise Hamilton,37, decided to call 911 and alert the cops about getting shafted over a bag of bush by her local dealer.

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Police responded to the 200 block of Forrest Block Boulevard around 7:00 p.m. on Friday where they met with Hamilton.

Officers asked her if she had any marijuana on her, which she admitted to having. After pulling out a small bag of cannabis from her bra, she was arrested for possession. of marijuana.

Her bail was set at $500.

Local news outlet KETK reported that Hamilton was actually locked up behind bars on Thursday.

Either way, a person is in jail for calling the cops about an illegal narcotic purchase which clearly illustrates this woman probably had one joint too many her life. No weed on the planet is worth this amount of struggle.

Photo: KETK/Angelina County Jail

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