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A Michigan woman who was not “too drunk to care” but still too drunk to drive has been arrested for calling 911 from a bar to get a ride home.

Alana Sims, 24 was having a struggle hair day on April 4 but things didn’t get better when she was booked and charged for falsely summoning a police officer.

Via MyFOXDetroit:

The dispatcher is heard in the 911 recording asking, “You stated earlier you needed an escort home.”

Sims responds, “I would appreciate that, but you know what? It’s okay.”

The dispatcher asks where she is and she states she inside Joe Kool’s, which is located E. Big Beaver Road near John R. Road.

When asked why she requested an escort home, Sims says she has been drinking “a little much” and that “she knows a few people at the police station” and that “all the cabs are too busy.”

The dispatcher tells her to stay inside and that someone will come talk to her.

Police went to Joe Kool’s and arrested the 24 year old for falsely summoning a police officer.

Police want to remind the public calling 911 if you are intoxicated and in actual need of help is not a crime. Police say, however, treating the dispatcher like a taxi service is a waste of time and is criminal activity.

“Truthfully, any bar, if you go to the bar or the bartender and tell them that you have a need to get a ride home, they will make arrangements to help and assist to get you home,” says Troy Sgt. Andy Breidenich.

This very well could have been blown over with incident but cops must have been looking to make an example out of Sims. Outraged commenters on Fox’s Facebook page pointed out her drunken actions prevented patrons from getting killed that night.

One reader Ponci Rios, even went as far as to saying, “I bet if it was a upper class white women they would’ve gave her a ride home with no incident.”

Check out the pics of the “crime scene” in the galley and decide for yourself.

Photo: FOX 2, Troy Police Department

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