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This week’s episode of Black Ink Crew wasn’t just about Ceaser and Dutchess breaking up, again. We also were privy to O’Sh*t continuing to lead a life of foolishness and Sky proving that she may be the sanest person in the bunch, among other events.

Things kicked off in full f*ckery mode with Ceaser getting caught post-boinking the next chick. He looked forward to being greeted by NYPD when he returned home to see Dutchess packing up all his stuff, which was mostly kicks and jeans.

Of course, Dutchess was in full woe is me mode, and we saw that carry over to a talk she had with former enemy sassy. We also witnessed O’Sh*t latest baby mama reveal so psycho tendencies at a very off moment.

Check out 10 things we learned from the latest episode of Black Ink Crew below. You can watch the full episode on the last page, too.

Photos: VH1

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