When it comes to dissing, The Game doesn’t get down subliminally. He goes straight for the jugular and calls you out by name. With his feud with Jay-Z rekindled after a Jay-Z sent a few jabs at him, Jim Jones and Damon dash recently, The Game feels it’s time to go all in. This time The Game took the gloves off during a show in Madrid, Spain.

Before getting into his set, The Game told the crowd:

“We ain’t come to play no games tonight. So I know ya’ll been hearing about the controversy between me and Jay-Z, right. So look! I’mma start it off like this. Fawk Jay-Z and that’s just how I feel. That’s how Pac felt. That’s how Nas felt at one time and that’s how I feel.”

The Compton MC then went a freestyle tangent rocking over several of Jay-Z beats including “The Takeover” and “Roc Boys” which was transformed into “Dope Boys.” Hurricane Game then spit several more harsh verses including “Game still hot/ Somebody give him some water… Don’t bite me, I’m not B.I.G./ I’m young Muhammad / Spit faster than lightning.”

The barrage of insult also including a crowd response game of “Jay-Z/ Old a^s Ni*%a/ Jay-Z/ Old A*s Jigga” and some homophobic references to Jay-Z right hand man Ta Ta.

From the looks of this, the feud could take a deadly turn as the disses are starting to be downright disrespectful. Let’s just keep it on wax fellas and continue getting that money.

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