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A heated dispute between two friends that allegedly began on Facebook has led to a pregnant woman shot, resulting in the loss of her baby and another woman in custody, possibly for murder of the unborn child.

All this probably happened because, well, Florida.

Reports Action News JAX:

Action News first showed viewers the video of the moments after 23-year-old Markeisha Brooks was shot in the stomach. Brooks was six months pregnant and lost her baby. The accused shooter, Virginia Wyche, also known as ‘Tweety Bird’, was in court Thursday morning and given a $1 million dollar bond.

Neighbor Lawrence Jackson says he’s known Virginia for years and was shocked to hear she’s facing an attempted murder charge.

“Because she was a good kind-hearted person. She loved everybody and helped everybody out that she could. She didn’t bother nobody, she stayed to herself,” said Jackson.

A neighbor named Marry, who didn’t want to show her face, is familiar with both women. She says she had no idea there was an issue and that Markeisha was liked in the area.

“I didn’t know anything bad about her. And they were friends. It really shocked me,” said Mary.

Strangely enough, even with the confession, police still haven’t found the gun used in the shooting.

Check the pictures of the aftermath and depleted prebirth on the ground in the gallery. Just as a fair warning, some of the images may be a bit disturbing.

Photo: WTEV 47, Jacksonville Police Department

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