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The season 2 finale of Black Ink Crew went down last night and while some season long issues were resolved, unnecessary but entertaining drama prevailed.

On a positive note, Ceaser and Puma seemed like they were back to being fast friends and are plotting to take over the world. Also, Walt got a new son and Black Ink crew still throws a hell of a party.

Okay, that’s it for the good stuff, the rest of this episode was loaded with f-ckery. Dutchess continued to astound with her egomania. She got a boob job, but they really didn’t look all that big. But the winner as far as stupidity is hands down O’Sh*t. Three baby mamas and suddenly a fourth female “best friend” who clearly wants more got introduced. This guy…

Peep 13 things we learned from the finale of Black Ink Crew in the following pages.

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