Kids these days have infinite ways of getting into trouble but music will always be a path for them to achieve greatness away from any drama.

Jake Lambo hails from the hub of Atlanta, Ga and at just 16-years-young, he’s developed quite the adept way of speaking through the microphone. Which is where the inspiration for his song “Cool Flow” stems from.

As everyone knows, being a teenager is one of the most awkward phases in a person’s life, but Young Jake embraces being different, evidenced from the school backdrop used for the video’s treatment. As he aces his verbal language test, the words “weirdo,” “cool,” sophomore fave” and “THE GREATEST” are sprawled all across the chalkboard. Usually it’s any MC’s first instinct to morph their persona into whatever the general public is claiming to demand from the artist but for now, simply being Jake seems like it’s good enough.

Peep the IFE/Bonoho-directed quick clip below, which also marks Mr. Lambo’s debut VEVO video. Not bad for a rookie at all.

Photo: YouTube

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