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Never underestimate the heart of the champion. Thirteen-year-old Gama Droiville was minding his own business at his local pizza joint in Brooklyn when he caught a stray bullet to the eye.

The April 14 shooting left the young boy in serious condition but his faith in God wasn’t broken. Earlier this week, he returned to school in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

Reports CBS:

Eighth-grader Gama Droiville, described as a top-notch student at I.S. 285, was shot in the eye with a stray bullet earlier this month while waiting for a bus in East Flatbush.

Droiville was released from the hospital last week and returned to school Monday morning.

“I just want to say thank you for all the support and prayers and to still keep me in prayer,” Droiville said.

“We’re still working hard,” his father, Jimmy Marcel said. “Our concern right now is Gama, to make sure Gama is OK.”

Gama, who was treated for nine days at Kings County Medical Center, said he is relying on his faith in God to help get him through and hopefully get back to living a normal life.

“I haven’t been through a lot of pain, but I’m feeling OK,” Droiville said Monday.

He told CBS 2′s Andrea Grymes that it felt “great” to see his classmates again.

“He is a testament to inspiration and courage, and we are so glad to have him back,” said Principal Frederick Underwood.

The good news is they nabbed the suspected shooter, 21-year-old Kareen Potomont (seen here) and charged him attempted murder. The great new is, with a few surgeries, Gama may have the ability to obtain his sight back.

Check out the gallery for proof of the kid’s courageous return.

Photo: CBS 2, Family Handout

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