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The family of Michael Blair, a 26-year-old schizophrenic who was gunned down by police officers last November after they answered a 911 call, is still searching for answers. Their demand for justice has prompted them to release a video of the incident which shows the officers shooting Blair after he apparently lunged at them with a knife in hand.

Blair had locked himself in the bathroom and his relatives feared for his safety, so they called the police to defuse the situation.

Both officers had been cleared of any wrongdoing or foul play but the Blair family is hoping the new tape will launch another probe of the incident.

Reports KABC:

The shooting happened last November. Deputies were called to the home after Michael Blair threatened to commit suicide.

Blair was shot 11 times. The family says the very graphic video should lead to a federal investigation of the deputies involved.

Blair’s family said the 26-year-old was a suicidal, paranoid schizophrenic. When Blair locked himself in a bathroom, his family called 911 for help.

“He’s got a knife, he’s got a knife, he’s got a knife,” the deputies are heard saying in the video.

Everything changes as the knife is discovered.

“Stay down, stay down!” the deputies shout. Blair pushes the door back.

“I do not want to shoot you. I do not want to shoot you,” a deputy said. Then, they begin Tasing him.

“Keep Tasing, keep Tasing, keep Tasing. Drop the knife! Drop the knife!” deputies said.

The deputies ask him to drop the knife at least 50 times, but he refuses, and eventually appears to lunge towards them.

A deputy opens fire. Blair’s mother cries and yells “You killed him!”

Quanell X, popular Houston activist is helping the Blair family get the word out for a case they belive is cold-blooded murder.

Watch the video for yourself below and let us know if you think the Houston Police Department made the right call initially in the comment section.

Photo: KABC