A Florida police officer is now on administrative duty after a video of him kicking a handcuffed 6th grader landed online this week. The boy was one of two youngsters apprehended by three officers from the Boyton Beach Police Dept., as fellow students videotaped the scene from a waiting school bus.

Both were removed from the bus due to rowdy behavior, reports say. One of the handcuffed boys sits on grass while the officer brings the second boy over in a rough manner. As he stays standing the officer kicks his legs forcing him to the ground.

From The Miami Herald:

The Boynton Beach Police Department became aware of the video on Tuesday (May 13), said spokeswoman Stephanie Slater, who also announced the action against the officer. She said the video was apparently shot on Thursday (May 8).

Two videos show what appears to be the arrest of two boys. In one of the videos, an officer approaches one of the boys, who is standing, and delivers a sweeping kick with his right leg, causing the boy to fall to the ground. Students who apparently shot the video can be heard commenting in the background.

“They can’t do that!” one of the voices says. “I recorded that. I recorded that,” says another.

Slater said “the entire incident is subject to an internal affairs investigation” and that she could not release any details of why officers were dispatched, whether the boys were charged with a crime and where it all took place. She said no complaints had been received regarding the officers’ actions, but that the videos were cause for alarm.

“We are concerned as to the initial appearance of the video, and despite the fact that we have received no formal complaints at this time, 


The department went on to say that have received no “formal complaints” about the incident. “We are committed to reviewing the situation in its entirety and taking whatever action is deemed most appropriate at the conclusion of our investigation,” said Slater.

It is unclear what school the boys attend.

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