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One substitute teacher at a New Jersey elementary school was fed up with a classroom full of rowdy third-graders and took matters into her own hands.

The sub, whose name has not yet been released, placed decorative tape over the mouths of a number of students during a “quiet game” after lunch “because we were jabbering too much.” According to Angelique Correa Henderson, student who spoke with NBC, “if we kept on talking she would rip it off of our mouths.”

Henderson goes on to explain that the teacher removed the strips of tape after 15 minutes, before the rest of the classroom bursted into laughter. Said teacher will not be filling in at Winfield Scott Elementary School again, and perhaps no other educational institution.

Police and state officials are now probing the incident, while parents continue to voice their concern to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Patience is a virtue, but whoever this person is obviously didn’t have the time.

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[Via NBC]

Photo: NBC

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