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There’s a thin line between love and hate between rappers and the media.  Be it misquotes, rumors, or a story that doesn’t come out to their liking, it’s not uncommon for an artists to go off on the press in a public forum (usually Twitter). 

Things are a little different than how the uses to be. Back in the day rappers used to physically attack the media if they saw fit.

In 1998, Blaze magazine (a former offshoot of Vibe) editor in chief Jesse Washington claims that he was threatened at gunpoint and beat down by two different artists.Four years earlier, writer Cheo Hodari Cooker was punched in the face by Wu-Tang Clan member Masta Killa because he wasn’t happy some the artwork added to a feature on the group.

Times have of course changed since the pre-social media era. Nowadays, if a rapper wants to respond to the press Twitter or Instagram is the the fastest way to get the job done.

Check into the gallery for some examples of your favorite rapper’s “I hate the media” quotes.

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