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Asking a uniformed cop if he’d like to buy weed is a bold move. One that got a 28-year-old man in Florida arrested.

Terandell Curlee Coleman, has been charged with a couple of offenses for his sales attempt in Panama City Wednesday (June 12) night. The first is felony possession with intent to sell, but also felony child neglect because he just so happened to be pushing his two-month-old baby in a stroller when he tried to sell the cop $25 worth of weed.

From the Smoking Gun:

Lt. John Deegins, the uniformed officer, reported that Coleman approached him “using slang words indicating he was attempting to sell narcotics.” When Deegins showed interest, Coleman “parked the stroller” next to a vehicle about 15 to 20 feet away.

As detailed in a probable cause affidavit, Coleman offered to sell Deegins $25 worth of “bud” and “displayed a small clear plastic package containing a green leafy substance appearing to be cannabis.” Coleman was then arrested for possession with intent to sell the 1.4 grams of marijuana, a misdemeanor.

Coleman, who is being held in the county jail, is scheduled this afternoon for an initial Circuit Court appearance. Court records show that he was arrested earlier this year for burglary and has been free on bond in that case. However, in light of Coleman’s bust last night, prosecutors today filed a motion to revoke his release in the pending burglary case.

Coleman was taken to the Bay County Jail. He was probably just trying to make some money but he should’ve used better judgement.

The Department of Children and Family Services took the baby and turned it over to its mother.  

Photo: Bay County Jail