Fabolous recently touched down in Buffalo, New York to spend the day as a celebrity principal at Hutch Tech High School.

The “Cuffin’ Season” rapper kicked things off by announcing himself to the school’s student body through the loudspeaker, which caused quite the frenzy as you can imagine.

Tech Nation was ready to go bonkers on their last day of school.

Via GetSchooled:

After classroom visits and VIP time with Hutch Tech’s most active students, Principal Fabolous was ready to rally 1000 students for the all school celebration in the auditorium. The school spirit was at an all-time high as you could hear chants of “Fabolous” and “Hutch Tech” right before the celebrity principal took stage. The students erupted as Principal Fabolous came on stage and bringing his new rap act Lil C (Principal Cimato’s alter rap ego). Every student’s cell phone was capturing the moment. Lil C and Fabolous shared a few words and went into a fresh Get Schooled freestyle. The show followed up with principal Fabolous sharing inspiring educational words and then going into a Tech Nation battle for pride.

Fabulous! Peep a photo recap of the occasion on the following pages.

Photos: Flickr

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