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There’s got to be simpler way to destroy evidence. Tavish Smith was caught on camera ingesting the bag of weed from authorities found in her car after she was pulled over for driving the wrong direction on an South Florida highway. 

Authorities found marijuana sitting in plain view. “Good ole marijuana, right there in the passenger’s seat,” the trooper says on the dash cam recording. “My car’s smelling like the stuff you had in your seat.”

Smith seems pretty happy-go-lucky throughout, she tried to flirt her way to freedom, but still ended up handcuffed in the back of a squad car. That’s when it gets interesting.

It doesn’t take long for her to wiggle her wrists out of handcuffs, then she reaches over to the squad car’s front seat and grabs her weed. She stuffs the entire bag in her mouth, chews and swallows.

Smith doesn’t want to bring more attention to herself, so she tries –and fails — at getting back in the handcuffs. “Did you slip out?” the trooper asks.

She denies it, but Smith’s clearly not wearing handcuffs. “I did, ” Smith  admits, laughing. “I’m sorry, I’m staying in them.”

Here coy little weed-eating routine only made things worse. Her hit-and-run, DWI, and drug possession charges were upgraded to felonies because she ate the evidence. She posted bail, but has been suspended from her job working for a judge.

Police say Smith had “pot all over her face and crumbs everywhere.”

Somebody get this lady a napkin. And a life coach.

Photo: Brevard Cnty Sheriff’s Office/Local 10

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