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In Detroit, the case of a missing 12-year-old boy took a drastic turn when the father learned during a live television broadcast his son was found alive in his basement. Although the father expressed shock and joy, suspicions against the father and the boy’s stepmother have been raised.

During a taping Wednesday of Headline News anchor Nancy Grace’s show, the host informed Charlie Bothuell IV that his son, Charlie V, was found. Bothuell was then grilled by Grace, who couldn’t seem to accept that the family didn’t know the boy was in their home after investigators reportedly swept the area.

If Bothuell was indeed aware that his son was in that basement, he put on quite the show for Grace and her audience. Bothuell seemed to take umbrage at Grace’s assertion that foul play was at work in the case, and explained his efforts to locate his son.

“I’m shocked. I looked. The Detroit police looked. The FBI looked. To imply that I knew my son was in the basement is absurd,” said Bothuell.

Detroit police pulled out all the stops to find the younger Bothuell, who had been reported missing for over a week. Detroit Police Chief James Craig told reporters that the boy, who was found barricaded in the basement behind a five-gallon drum, could not have performed the act himself. Police say it appeared the boy was kept there and fed, and that he appeared to be elated to see the cops retrieve him from the space.

“He indicated he was hungry. I saw evidence that there was food around where he was,” said Craig, by way of a report from WDIV-TV. WDIV reporters also unveiled that PCV pipe was found in the basement that may have been used to discipline the boy, and there was also blood discovered in the home.

Reporters awaited Bothuell as he returned home, where again another emotional display occurred. Bothuell broke down once more and hugged a reporter, stating that he feared young Charlie was dead.

Craig said he took a polygraph test earlier Wednesday but that his wife and the boy’s stepmother refused to do so. No charges have been filed, but Detroit police are investigating the Bothuells and close family members for any clues in the case. The boy was held from his father and stepmother at a local children’s hospital receiving treatment as the investigation continues.

According to the latest report from the Associated Press, the son has returned home and a detective in the case said it didn’t appear the boy was held captive or tortured.

Definitely much more to this case that meets the eye. We will update as it develops.

Check out Charlie Bothuell IV on Nancy Grace in the clip below.

Photo: WDIV-TV