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When it comes to music albums, presentation is just as key as the actual product itself. Especially in the digital age when online music stores offer countless options of various images before one song is even heard. The need to stand out is more vital than ever and artists have to differentiate themselves from competition if they’re going to get advantage for a listener’s short attention span.

Common knows this little tidbit is important and he followed the same visionary model for the rollout of his forthcoming album, Nobody’s Smiling. Pictures of him and various rappers–who hail from Chicago–all take turns gracing a sinister black backdrop to convey the bleak sentiment currently brewing in their city.

The idea is nothing new per se but still remains a welcomed creative platform for audiophiles worldwide.

To showcase how artistic rappers have been with their rollout, we’re rehashing 25 Hip-Hop albums that have multiple covers to give you a look down memory lane.

Most of the covers look cool, even if the contents of the album are debatable.

Photo: Amazon/Quit Mumbling

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