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Everybody isn’t cut out for the thug life. No matter how much gangsta rap they pump into their ear drums.

A Georgia robbery suspect learned that lesson the hard way in front of surveillance cameras when he failed to get into the safe at a Days Inn in Dekalb County. When his struggle was evident and he didn’t have the gall to shoot the clerk like he threatened he would, he did what any Kool-Aid-blooded individual would do in this situation.

He fled the scene with crocodile tears flying from his face.

Reports WHAS 11:

Police said surveillance cameras were rolling as a man appeared to rob a Georgia Days Inn but when he realized he was caught on video he apparently started crying.

Surveillance video shows the man walking into the hotel with a handgun and you can see him taking money out of the register.

In the video above you can see at one point he looks directly into the camera.

That’s when police said the man told the clerk he would use the gun if she didn’t give him keys to the safe and access to the video camera.

The clerk told investigators the man left in tears.

Police said the clerk was not hurt.

Maybe he ran off to go rob a Babies”R”Us to go get himself some Pampers? Peep the footage below. The police released additional information of the sniffling suspect which can be found on the next page.

Photo: YouTube

H/T: Bossip

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