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The NYPD‘s actions of late has cast a dark cloud over New York, and an ugly incident over the weekend is adding to the growing list of bad cop decisions. According to photos, a pregnant woman appears to be placed in a banned chokehold by a NYPD officer over illegal barbecue grilling.

Cops arrived to a residence in Brooklyn last Saturday, approaching 27-year-old Rosan Miller for barbecuing on her sidewalk in front of her home. According to photos released by advocacy group People Organizing and Working for Empowerment and Respect, the unnamed police officer placed his arm around Ms. Miller’s neck, who is seven-months-pregnant.

The New York Daily News reported the story, and was present for a press conference held by former city councilman Charles Barron. Barron stood in solidarity with the Miller family, and is calling for the release of Ms. Miller’s husband, Moses Miller, and her brother John Miller, who were both charged with separate crimes.

More from the Daily News:

Officers went to the home over the weekend because Miller was grilling on a public sidewalk in violation of local law, cops said. But a melee broke out that ended with her, her brother and husband all in handcuffs.

The brother, John Miller, was charged with harassment and obstruction of justice. Her husband, Moses Miller, 34, was charged with resisting arrest and obstruction. Rosan Miller got a summons for disorderly conduct.

When former city councilman Charles Barron heard, he called cops to complain and “expedite” the Millers’ release, he said.

“This was all over a grill,” Barron said. “This is about grilling in front of her house.”

In the photos, Miller’s young daughter witnessed the tussle between her mother and the officer applying the chokehold. Barron also added at the conference that the NPYD lieutenant involved in this chokehold case has been a nuisance to residents in times past and they’re asking for his removal from the community.

Eric Garner, the Staten Island man who appeared to have died after officers placed him in a chokehold, was laid to rest last week in Brooklyn.

Hit the following pages to see photos of the NYPD applying another chokehold, this time on a pregnant woman.

Photos: People Organizing and Working for Empowerment and Respect

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