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Don’t ever try to get Lil Kim to let go of a grudge, she doesn’t believe in such behavior. Kimmy Blanco is back at Nicki Minaj’s head with “Identity Theft” , and Twitter is back to  reaming her for it.

The diss didn’t exactly get a whole bunch of love. Not that she didn’t get any positive feedback, there were some staunch Kim supporters among the mounds of “enough is enough” responses, and over 40,000 streams on her SoundCloud page. But for the most part,  people are wondering where she’s going with this beef thing, and how long she wants to keep this up (forever, we assume).

Her claims aren’t unfounded. We can all see that larceny slander isn’t has legs, it’s just getting old now. The good news is Kim sounds pretty straight on “Identity Theft,” so she can at least pat herself on the back for that win.

There’s just no stopping the Queen Bee when she’s mad (we tried).

Check some reactions in the gallery.


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