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Some idiot guy in beat up his girlfriend because she cheated on him in his dream. Carlos Gascon faces aggravated battery, aggravated assault, domestic battery, and more. He was arrested in Summerlan Key, Fla. last Friday (Aug. 8)

The IBI Times reports:

The victim told police Carlos Gascon, 27, beat her throughout the day at her home in Summerland Key until she was at last able to call authorities for assistance, reports WTVJ, the NBC affiliate in Miami.

The unnamed girlfriend told Monroe County Sheriff’s’s deputies she was able to call them once Gascon passed out and that he assaulted throughout the day. The woman said that Gascon choked her, cut the back of her leg with a knife, poured hot coffee on her and held a knife to her throat while threatening to kill her. She said he also slammed her down on a glass table and knocked down her dog and put his foot to the animal’s neck.

The victim was unable to find her house keys or phone, which she believes Gascon threw in a canal in front of her home, says Becky Herrin, a spokeswoman for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.


You have to be pretty crazy to beat somebody up because of a dream, let alone your own girlfriend. Gascan has prior busts for various offenses including grand theft, credit card theft, and  fraud.

He also faces charges strangulation, false imprisonment, and animal cruelty charges for the beating.

Photo: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office