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This guy really needs to get another hobby. A 33-year-old unnamed man in France was sentenced to 10-months in jail (with six months suspended) for calling and texting his ex-girlfriend 21,807 times.

His sentence includes a psychiatric evaluation, and a fine. “I tell myself, with hindsight, that it was stupid,” he said in court Thursday (Sept. 4).

The calls took place over a 10-month period, which breaks down to over 500 calls a week and  more than 70 calls a day. When she tried to block his number, he called her job, and her family.

He made the calls because he wanted to be thanked (and paid) for fixing up some stuff in their and basically couldn’t let it go.

“At the time, my logic was that until she returns the money … or at least says thank you, I would not stop the calls,” he said in court.

The man had been having trouble dealing with their breakup — three year ago. He was also hospitalized for depression in the past.

All it took for this craziness to end was ex saying “thank you” during a mediation session.

After he wraps up that jail sentence, the man said that he wants to go back to school, and work on his “passion” for writing.

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