The Daniele Watts case regarding her detainment by the LAPD last week has taken several interesting turns, including photos of she and her boyfriend doing the do. However, trumping all of that is an audio clip of the boyfriend clowning Watts’ arrest and joking with the cops that responded to the call.

The Los Angeles Times published a 24-minute audio clip of the exchange between the North Hollywood police officers and Watts, with running commentary from Brian Lucas that seems to poke fun at the tense situation. At one point of the audio, Lucas suggests that Watts might be overstating the situation an casually mentions this is the third time this has happened to them. However, it was his condescending tone that was most curious.

“[If a Black officer pulled up] it would’ve been the same thing. In the future, that might be what has to happen for her to…Hey, I’ll bring that up. That’s a good idea,” says Lucas to the officer, who quipped that the situation isn’t motivated by race.

“Thank you. I’ll share that with her and I’ll do that from a perspective of you not sharing that with me, but like, ‘Hey babe, what if it was a Black cop? Would it be the same thing?'” he adds.

Lucas’ words in the audio seemingly contradicts his impassioned rant against the LAPD he wrote on Facebook after the incident. Trying to transcribe the finer points of this clip would be impossible, so just listen to the full exchange below. We must warn that there is vulgar language in the clip.

Did Brian Lucas throw Daniele Watts under the bus here or nah? Let us know in the comments.

Photo: Facebook

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