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Workplace murder rampages have tragically begun to become a trend again. The latest act of senseless violence is coming out of Moore, Oklahoma when a man who was fired on Wednesday returned to the plant he had been working at in a fit of rage.

Alton Nolen, 30, reportedly banged on the door of the Vaughan Foods food plant and upon entry, attacked the first person he saw, 54-year-old Collen Hufford. Nolen so viciously stabbed her in the neck, causing it to severe from her body. He then encountered 43-year-old Traci Johnson, critically injuring her with the same knife.

It was only then Mark Vaughn, the plant’s chief operating officer and owner, heard the screams and came to the rescue. He shot Nolen to end the rampage but did not kill him. He is currently listed in stable condition at the nearby hospital. While Nolen’s murderous motive is not clearly known, workers say he had recently converted to Islam and had been aggressively trying to convert his fellow employees. There is also no indication that he subscribed to the ISIS ideology but the beheading of Hufford is eerily similar to their brutal characteristics.

“This suspect was angry about some sort of incident that happened at the business,” Sgt. Jeremy Lewis of the Moore Police Department told the Associated Press. “These women really had nothing to do with that. He was just acting out against them. They are the first people he came in contact with.”

Nolen is expected to be charged with the crimes in the near future. Pictures of the crime scene are in the slideshow at the bottom of the page.

Photos: Moore Police Department, NBC5

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