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Sean “Diddy or Puff Daddy” Combs presented Jimmy Iovine with the 2014 SFTB (Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here) award at the inaugural Revolt Music Conference in Miami. 

After an engaging speech by Puff, Iovine’s acceptance speech focused on the state of the music industry (along with detailing how he partnered with Dr. Dre).

“I am NOT here to tell you all to make headphones. Trust me, I don’t need the competition,” said Iovine. “But in your own way, reflecting your own musical passions, I do call upon all of you to find your way to innovate and be part of music’s future. These are times that call upon us to be visionary and to be daring. These days, the meek are not inheriting the Earth.”

You can read the transcript of Iovine’s acceptance speech right here, or just watch below.