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A rapper from Florida by the name of Presto took a nasty tumble with a little assist from the wind, all because he didn’t know the ledge.

Rappers these days are so quick to begin all the extracurricular activities involved in being a recording artist before their craft is mastered and Mr. Presto appears that he is just as guilty. During an outdoor shoot in Clearwater Florida, the wind begin to blow at an alarming rate, causing his hat fly off his head. Presto lost his train of thought and in the process of trying to catch his cap, was blown into the water because he was so close to the harbor’s edge.

The accompanying video is pretty comical but according to Xtra Medium Productions, Inc., the incident did result in injury. Presto landed in a bed full of oysters, resulting in cuts to his hand and shin. He was rushed to the emergency room where he had to get bandaged up, but was reportedly back in the studio shortly afterwards to bang out some more swagged out hits.

Watch the video of the photo shoot fail below. Do you think we’re wrong with associated his aspiring rap dreams with struggle? Flip it over to the next page to hear his latest singles and you be the judge.

H/T: Uproxx

Photo: YouTube

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