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We haven’t seen an upstart rapper exude confidence the same way Troy Ave does in a hot minute. However, the Brooklyn beat bomber may have been overstating things a bit when he suggested that he was the first MC who hailed from Brooklyn whose content predominately boasted of drug activity.

As he’s known to do on the regular, Troy was tweeting his anecdotes of daily inspiration spliced with links to his previous shows and recordings. Somewhere along the line, he got amped and proclaimed, “1st n****a outta Brooklyn NYC talkin HEAVY drug talk in his raps ……. think about it! MY STORY CONSISTENT (the truth usually is).”

Now Harry Powder of all people should have known that Jay Z’s classic debut Reasonable Doubt was extra on the trafficking activity and The Notorious B.I.G.’s equally revered debut, Ready to Die delved heavy in the mindset of narcotics dealer as well. If he didn’t know, well…his Twitter followers were perched like vultures calling him out for callously slipping.

Troy snapped back with a muddled comeback about Biggie erasing the Afrocentric movement from Digable Planets, but to no avail. The people had deemed his claims false and promptly slandered him for it.

Peep the gallery for the hilarious interaction between disgruntled rap fans and Troy’s indirect disses.

Photo: Instagram/Troy Ave

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