This past August, Kid Ink got a little too unruly even for Las Vegas standards and had to be detained for disturbing the peace. It was said the “Show Me” rapper was leaving the popular 1Oak nightclub when his girlfriend got belligerent with security on the early morning of August 16. The pair was hauled off to jail and booked as a result.

Despite being a bona fide rap star with hits on the radio, the California native (born Brian Collins) still has to be thankful for the upside of fame because the total amount of his fine was less than a new pair of Jordans.

Via TMZ:

Getting arrested in a Las Vegas nightclub probably SAVED rapper Kid Ink big money — ’cause he just paid a measly $120 to make the whole mess go away.

As we first told you — Ink was arrested for disturbing the peace at 1OAK nightclub back in August when he and a female friend tangled with security guards. But the rapper struck a deal with prosecutors to pay the dirt cheap fee … and in return they dropped the case.

Think about it — $120 is less than 5 minimum bets at a $25 blackjack table … less than buying a round of drinks for you and 5 friends … and several hundred bucks less than bottle service in a club.

Now you know how to win money on the Strip.

The Inkster’s stuggle mugshot from that fateful evening can be found on the flip.

Photo: Lia Toby/, Las Vegas Police Department

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