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Kim Kardashian doesn’t live in a the “do as I say, not as I do” kind of world when it comes to raising her daughter. She’s more of the kind of mom who oils up her butt with her own hair care product to pose naked,  just because.

Currently, North West is a tiny human being who likes to wear black leather, but if she ever wants to go completely nude in the future, her mom has her back.

“I would support anything she wants to do,” Kardashian said in an interview about her baby growing up and following in her Paper magazine footsteps. “I don’t do anything with the intention to promote anyone else doing it- that’s not even what I’m trying to do. I do it because I’m proud of it. And it empowered me to feel good about myself after I had gained 500 pounds and looked like a huge slob for so long.”

Kardashian wants her daughter to know a very important lesson: if you feel bad about yourself, take off your clothes for the whole world to see, and gain your self-esteem back. Simple enough.

So does that mean Yeezy is on board with his daughter showing off her back parts, like her mom? Guess he’ll have to deal with that awkward moment if, or when, the time comes.

Photo: WENN