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St. Louis police officers have identified the man killed with a bullet to the head and flammable fluid on his body outside a Ferguson apartment complex.

It is 20-year-old Deandre Joshua and his degrees of separation from Mike Brown are pretty small.

Reports NYDailyNews:

The new details into Deandre Joshua’s mysterious death, being investigated as a homicide, follow his body’s discovery Tuesday morning outside an apartment complex near where Michael Brown was shot and killed in August.

Joshua was found seated behind the wheel of his white Pontiac Grand Prix at 9 a.m. — likely several hours after he was killed, said St. Louis County police.

“The victim sustained severe burns to his arm, fingers and both legs,” they stated in a release which added that the fire set inside his vehicle likely ended up going out on its own.

Police said they are actively investigating the University City man’s death and interviewing witnesses, including his family and a friend who was with him the evening before.

Dorian Johnson, who witnessed Brown’s shooting death by Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson, appeared to be among those grieving for Joshua in the immediate wake of his death.

In a Facebook page appearing to belong to the 22-year-old, Johnson expressed his heartbreak Tuesday for the loss of his “brother.”

“My F—ing Brother Gone Deandre Joshua !! Im Hella f—-d Up , SomeBody come get me right Now I gotta Go!!!!!” he posted before updating his cover photo with a picture appearing to show himself and Joshua together with two other people.

A grief-stricken Renita Towsn–Joshua’s grandmother–told the press that her boy wasn’t involved in any illegal activity and quietly worked at Walmart.

Scroll through the gallery to see pictures of Joshua and his neighborhood which turned out to be his eventual final resting place.

Photos: Facebook/Deandre Joshua, KTVI St. Louis

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