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A police officer in Memphis has involved herself in a heaping mound of struggle after allegedly appearing in a local rapper’s video, which features some violent imagery not befitting of a cop’s involvement. The Memphis Police Department has reportedly suspended the officer as it investigates the matter, although there seem to be some mistake as to why the cameo happened.

Rapper P. London and her three-month old track “What’s Up B*tch” got the video treatment and the Memphis rapper is surrounded by equally tough-looking women spitting some pointed threats at an imagined rival. There is a scene in the clip where P. London’s crew kidnapping someone and there are some mentions of gang affiliation. The video, which was on YouTube, has since been removed.

More from WMC Action News:

The music video posted on YouTube is called “What’s up (expletive)” by P. London. The video chronicles a group of women who kidnap another group of women.

MPD confirmed they have received this video and Officer Paris Glass, a seven year veteran on the force, has been relieved of her duty pending an administrative investigation.

The video chronicles a group of women kidnapping another group of people and features lines that talk about gang affiliation.

Some say that officers of the law should be held to a higher standard, while others look at the rap video as mere entertainment.

WMC Action News 5 spoke with P. London, though she declined to talk on camera. She says Glass was not originally supposed to be in the video and due to editing she was mistakenly seen in the video.

Memphis authorities have yet to say anything further on the matter.

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