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Inside The NBA put basketball on the back burner for the first 10 minutes of Thursday night’s show (December 4), taking a moment to join the discussions on race happening across the United States.

This follows critics panning former NBA star and analyst Charles Barkley for saying he agreed with the grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson cop Darren Wilson, and co-host Kenny Smith penning an op-ed in response, citing how long there’s been strife between Blacks and police. The televised forum gave the two a chance to discuss their opposing points of view.

Truthfully, this conversation is damn awful. It’s actually monotonous, in that Smith reiterates what he wrote in the aforementioned piece and the usually outspoken Barkley stands down on a bulk of the points he initially said. Shaquille O’Neal joins the fold with biases in tow, using his affinity for law enforcement (which he admittedly wants to participate in) in his argument.

Watch for yourself below.

Photo: YouTube