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Battle Rap star Young B The Future was shot dead Monday (Dec. 8) night in Los Angeles, ending the rise of one of the west coast’s brightest talents.

According to Young B The Future’s friend and media manager Hollywood Stilt, the rapper was exiting a vehicle outside his girlfriend’s home when he was shot five times. While heading to the hospital after his injuries, Young B was officially pronounced dead. has more:

“We lost a solid voice of West Coast battle rap today,” said Hollywood Stilt over the phone.

Young B made his mark in 2014, recently winning both AHAT’s Rookie and Battler of the Year awards and putting on a standout performance against the heavily favored B Magic at Snoop Dogg’s “Gladiator School” event in September.

Snoop Dogg’s Gladiator School event went down in Atlanta, where Young B vanquished B Magic in a battle some didn’t expect him to win.

According to Young B, a past battle became a thorn in his side after defeating Fauthor FAL. Apparently, Fauthor FAL didn’t take the loss lightly and continued harassing Young B via social media.

It was originally reported by that Young B was shot outside his home in Moreno Valley, but that was corrected throughout the night.


Photo: YouTube/TheRiotOC