A white fraternity housed at the University of Pennsylvania has found itself mired in controversy after posting a holiday group photo. What got the fraternity in hot water is the inclusion of a Black Beyoncé plastic sex doll in the shot.

The brothers of Phi Delta Theta posted a Christmas photo styled as a holiday card on Facebook this past Sunday, and the shot went viral in moments. The photo was innocent enough at first glance, with the mostly-white brothers grinning for the camera. Off to the left, however, was the Beyoncé sex doll that derailed the good-natured fun.

From The Daily Pennsylvanian:

In a draft of an apology emailed by College senior and Phi Delta Theta President Jimmy Germi to UMOJA co-chairs Wharton junior Rachel Palmer and College sophomore Ray Clark, the fraternity said that the doll was a Beyoncé sex toy originally meant as a gag gift at the group’s Secret Santa event.

“Given the larger conversations and actions taking place in the country, there’s never been a worse time to do what they did,” said College senior Keishawn Johnson, president of Penn’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

He referenced the conversations surrounding race relations sparked by the recent alleged police brutality cases in Ferguson and Staten Island. “It’s not just about police brutality, but about a society that puts a particular lens on African-Americans,” Johnson said.

Women on the campus were also offended by the act, and blasted the use of the Black sex doll as a moment of racial insensitivity on the fraternity’s part.

The Phi Delta Theta brothers claimed they meant no malice by taking the photo with the doll, and said that the toy was a “distasteful” display.

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Photo: Facebook

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