UPDATE:  Gothamist reports “an NYPD spokesman tells us the young man who was punched is 16, not 12. The department has issued this statement: ‘The incident is under review and the allegations have been referred to our Internal Affairs Bureau. Additionally, this individual was arrested with two others for assaulting another identified person with a cane.'”

The same cops allege the teens were involved in a gang initiation rite on Madison Street across from the Rutgers public housing development. The suspects are accused of hitting a bystander in the process.


NYPD Internal Affairs is investigating the arrest of a 12-year-old suspect who was viciously punched multiple times by an officer in everyday clothes, while three others pinned him down.

The officer out of uniform ran in from behind the huddle during the incident and began to punch the suspect in handcuffs, as the clip’s recorder (below) shouted “He’s 12-years-old! He’s 12-years-old!”

A bystander at the scene, who identified herself as a lawyer, yelled: “He’s 12! I can’t believe you just did that! After everything that’s happened.”

According to the person who uploaded the clip on YouTube:

This happened today on my way to the post office. The kids were 12. They had supposedly pushed one of their classmates down. However when the victim was asked, he said those weren’t the guys. They were still taken away. 12. Years. Old. Sarah Doneghy

See the eight-minute clip, below. Sound off in the comments.

[Via Gawker/Gothamist]

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