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Right before Thanksgiving, The Queen Latifah Show came to an abrupt and unfortunate end before it had the chance to close out a second season. Although such cancellations are nothing but the Hollywood norm, Ms. Dana Owens is going out of her way to prove that she meant every word in her heartfelt Facebook message immediately following the final announcement.

E!’s Marc Malkin is reporting that Latifah will be using her own money to pay the show’s production staff so their Christmases and/or Hanukkah’s can be equally merry and happy as everyone else’s. BET is still slated to run episodes all the way through March, but since they are already shot, the various behind-the-scenes members have already completed their end of the bargain so they’ve already been paid for their work.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better unemployment plan than the benevolence of Queen Latifah and her decision to share the wealth speaks volumes for her character that isn’t being thrusted in front of the camera on the daily.

However, don’t get comfortable not seeing the entertainment virtuoso on your screen. E! has learned that her portrayal as Bessie Smith in HBO’s upcoming biopic is already garnering rave reviews.

Photo: The Queen Latifah Show